How to Optimize Your Office Space in An Affordable Budget?

There are several ways to optimize an office space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Keeping in mind the modern look perfectly blending with functionality is the key to a perfect yet affordable design.

When it comes to designing office space experts meet the excellence of international standards to provide you with the optimum usage of the floor or open space that you have designated for your new workplace.

It is all about adding value to every custom made office furniture.

While designing your space keep in mind to have zero clutter so that every storage & space is arranged in a way that will be easily accessible.

There are several DIY techniques too that can help you help yourself if you want a cheap but attractive décor for your workspace.

Even with the use of reusable materials, you can come up with making the attractive workspace props out of your old shoe box!

Bright colours are used to add to productivity as well as positivity.

A workplace that people would look forward to coming back to every day is the one which is designed to perfection.

Whether you work from home or have your own space here are 5 ways you can spurt up the productivity with a minimum pinch in your pocket-


1. Add colors

There are specific colors to uplift moods of your co-workers and keeps a productive environment in the workspace. Being content and satisfied with what you do is mainly contributed by the environment you work in.







2. Simple Design Hacks

Simple designing hacks can help you and your employees feel less claustrophobic.

To feel less cramped in your work environment use spaces which are brighter and with high ceilings which gives an image of being less crowded.

Make use of more plants in your interior décor` to do away with the idea of the space being more crowded or distracted.



3. Incorporate Nature

Researches show that plants reduce stress levels and reduce frustration/anger feelings helping in improving cognitive functioning and mood.

By getting exposed to natural light, it also helps in uplifting emotions in the workplace and channelizes positive energy for better productivity.


4. Implement ergonomics in the workspace

Ergonomics is the science by which office furniture are designed for efficiency & comfort in a working environment.

Employees are found to be more productive in an ergonomically designed environment. This keeps their postures right and helps them be more happy and light even in work pressure.



5. Keep a well-regulated environment

Temperature & air quality are the other two most important factors that decide the productivity of an employee.  A study conducted by Waseda University in Tokyo says that people feel more fatigued in higher temperatures.

There should be absolutely zero contaminants in the air to ensure a healthy working environment.

 If the environment is humid, smelly or ventilation is inadequate, to expect any person to give their 100% in work is very superficial.

Make sure the workplace should be tidy & neat so that people wouldn’t whin to get back here every day.


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