Importance of Space On Your Output: Things To Know

Your workplace is the heart of your company.

Open workplaces though may be in trend but as experts say, the long term effectivity of your employees can be expected mostly in favorable office environments which channelise positivity and also offers then their comfort zone.

Though a research conducted by William Blek, it is said 58 percent of the top performers of a firm prefer privacy and 54 percent have the view about them being less effective due to too many distractions in their working space.

Open designs for workspaces created with the aim of increasing communication and collaboration among employees, which served the job. This also led to more distractions which resulted in poor quality of work and insufficient concentration time.

When you design your work space the first thing that should be kept in mind is how your employees would react to the environment in the work space and what would be the best practice to have in your work space.

When we speak about office interiors the first thing that comes to our mind is workstations. Develop the key areas with so much care that people would want to stay and work in the space.





Many companies have already started on working their thought process in offering a more varied work space to boost productivity and decrease efficiency pain points.


Why Space is directly proportional to your Output?

Our environment dictates our actions whether or not we openly agree to it. Most people have often the jarring experience of working efficiently in a cluttered and noisy environment or worse being creative in a totally sterilized environment.

Psychologist Nick Perham found that office noise impairs workers’ ability to recall information and even do basic arithmetic.

Ambiance matters. How you set up your desk and want your working space to look like speaks a lot about your personality.

Communication is an important aspect in work places and often businesses intend to input technology in, to boost production. Email being one of the important tools [ though overused] among them which not only helps in marketing but maintaining internal communication of a firm.

Most people have agreed that communication in email is more disturbing whereas, information passed over phone calls or personal meetings seem to be more effective.

Of course, not all technologies have negative outcomes. There is no ‘right kind of technology’ for any business it all depends on the kinds and variety of business.

You should always look out to better and improve the workspace to increase productivity. You will be surprised how a peaceful and comfortable working environment has direct results on  the outputs by your employees.


Sweep Clutter out

Litter in your space negatively affects your ability to method data and keep it centered.

The best way is to scale back litter, is to digitalize everything.
Maintain all records electronically – simply check that to frequently copy your drives.

Even calendars and notes should be replaced by apps so they aren’t lost, damaged, or misplaced, and can be shared.
Create a typical file naming convention across your company thus anyone will notice files on anyone’s laptop or shared folders.

Anything paper that must remain should be clearly labeled and filed in a drawer or cabinet so it’s out of the way. Anything that doesn’t have an immediate use or anticipated use should be archived.

Insist on a clean desk policy.

The rise in productivity can presently be apparent.


Spatial Arrangement

Often, offices are furnished quickly without much thought about the actual space available and the movers may do any kind of arrangement of the tables and chairs in the space.

You can actually enhance the productivity of your team by positioning items and things in places they are meant to be.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to position two employee’s desk away from one another
when they have to communicate throughout the day. Every time they need to speak, they have to move around to reach each other.

It may take only a second, but over the day (and year), those wasted moments add up. Every unnecessary action costs something.

Plus, they’ll be less inclined to speak to one another because it means repositioning and breaking from their current task. Over time, this hampers your teams overall productivity. And that’s just one example of a tiny flaw that can do to damage your whole business.

Even if you have a simple office space, you don’t have to stick to the original arrangement.

Get creative with the furniture placements.

There are countless permutations.


Various studies found that working in an office that’s too hot or too cold affects productivity.
Workers are easily distracted, prone to mistakes, and more concerned about alleviating
discomfort than producing quality work.

What’s the right temperature?

There are studies that say half of people are dissatisfied with the temperature in their workspace.

The correct temperature is the one your employees prefer. The only way to find out
what they like is to ask them. Just make sure to match your required office attire to the
temperature so employees can be dressed properly.


Productivity & Simplicity

Last but not least, the single best way to be productive with life and business is to simplify what’s on your plate.

Remove any tasks that aren’t necessary to burn through your to-do list.

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