This Is How Sustainable Interior Design Helps You

‘Sustainability’ the word mostly gets associated with things that are durable and maintenance free.

But as soon as sustainability comes to interior designing people often feel it is luxurious and expensive. That’s a myth.

When we talk about Sustainable Green Interior Design it means it is the kind of designs that are made of natural resources and healthy environmental components that not just have longer life but also gives your senses more pleasure to live in it.


Green designs of interiors are distinct tailor made and eco friendly.

That’s why Green Design is also known as ‘Eco Design’.

It is the concept that stands for a healthy living and better feeling strengthened by durability.

They are custom made so can fit into all kind of budgets as well.




How is it useful 

In today’s world where everybody is consciously making an effort towards thinking and going Green not just because it sounds fashionable but because it is the need of the hour.

It is a forward thinking to strike a balance between our needs and consumptions and also saves Mother Earth for the future.

In green interior designing the products / components that are used are made of natural or recycled resources which in turn add to our ‘living quality life’ quotient.

It adds to the positive energy yet there is no compromise in selecting the materials that are used to build the designs or products.

So going green for sustainable interior designing has more reasons to choose from besides being wise and smart.


3 Principles of Sustainable Interior Design


  • Energy Efficient

Buildings play a big part in the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, caused by energy consumption. Architects and interior designers can do a lot to decrease the energy consumption of buildings and improve the energy consumption.

Heating & lighting are two most important factors that interior designer have control on.

Curtains, carpets and other lighting adjustments making use of mostly the natural light can be helpful in the energy consumption.


  • Designs that have low environment impact

It is very important to pick up recyclable materials if you look form a sustainable perspective.

Organic materials are a good choice. Choosing materials that are quickly renewable and materials that are environmentally responsible can decrease the impacts on our planet.

There are labels and standardized rules that helps designers to understand, compare and evaluate a product’s impact on the environment and use them wisely.


  • Waste reduction designs

It is a big responsibility for interior designers to choose materials that generate waste at a very low rate.

Fortunately the world of design is becoming more and more aware of sustainable thinking and its importance on both the planet and the lives inhabiting it.

Recycling & Reusing are the new terms that most of the designers are now concentrating on.



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