Know your wood for your Perfect Furniture

When it comes to furniture, wood is the most widely used raw material. Almost any type of wood can be used to make furniture but there are types of them based on their durability, beauty and versatility.

Picking the right wood becomes all the more critical because it helps you determine the exact price of your unit.

It is the deciding factor when you want to restore, resale, or discard a piece of furniture. Each wood has its own unique characteristics, which in turn can add different degrees of warmth and beauty to the décor.

Here are the types of woods that are generally used for the making of a Perfect furniture

  1. Beech Wood

Beech is a hard, strong and heavy wood. This wood gives high shock resistance and has a very light colour. It has a fine, tight grain and even texture. This is one of the most popular wood for furniture which adds a warm feeling to the room decor.


2. Ash

Ash being a tough hardwood which is known for its amazing bending abilities.

It is primarily used for bent pieces of furniture such as a chair with curved backrests.

Ash wood is of light brown colour with straight grains.


3. Oak

Oak is a very popular wood because of its hard wearing and heavy qualities.It has lovely open wood grain markings.

It can be purchased in two shades. White oak which is grey/brown in colour and Red oak which is very similar only with a very prominent reddish tint.


4. Mahogany

Mahogany is a premium hardwood whose cost exceeds others.

It has a variety of colours ranging from medium brown to deep red-brown depending on the age of the wood.

Mahogany gives a very traditional and versatile look and most preferred in using on veneers.



5. Maple

This wood is much more durable and heavier.

As it is strong and moisture resistant it is the ideal wood that stays with you through years of wear and tear.

Maple wood is pale yellow in colour and has natural swirls and twists in the wood grain. It easily accepts any kind of stain or paint.


6. Walnut

Walnut is a hardwood known for its strength, straight grain and rich chocolate colour.

Lighter shades are as well available.

Walnut is a versatile wood that can offer a range of shades and enhance the beauty of your décor.


7. Pine

This kind of wood is very lightweight and affordable with a pale finish which is great for staining.

It’s less durable wood compared to other hardwoods such as maple and oak.

Pine blends well with other woods thus, making it an ideal match if you are looking for renovating your existing furniture.



Apart from all the natural woods that can give your furniture the desired look and feel there is also another kind of wood mostly known as Engineered or Manufactured Value wood. These woods replicate the original wood qualities and are a tad bit less expensive than the traditional woods.

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